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Book Review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Author Robert T. Kiyosaki

Broken record, but I love this book. I have this book both on audible and the paperback. We even have the rat race game. I think this book provides adults and kids the best education on money you can buy. Plus, its not even expensive!

This book is basically on loop on audible in my truck. I will listen to something else and the next book is always this one. My kids will get into the truck and ask me to turn it on.

Great stories on managing money, specializing vs. being a generalist, how to manage expenses and invest. As an entrepreneur myself I find the topics very inspiring and have utilized many of the concepts.

Some of the specifics items I have used from this book is setting up specific accounts for expenses, taxes, profit and donations. It has changed how I look at investing in other businesses and how I run my businesses.

Finally, the biggest item, and the overall topic of the book is increasing investment income to cover expenses. I have a long way to go here, but this influences all my decision making now.

Paper back:


Seriously just get the audible subscription:

Just get it, you’ll love it.

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