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Book Review: Ready to Run

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Author: Kelly Starrett and TJ Murphy

Everyone who runs should own this book. My wife and I bought a 2nd copy of this book because we were lending it to so many people, we needed a copy on hand for ourselves. The only problem is we are such evangelists for this book we now usually have 2 people borrowing it at a time.

Truth is we own 3 copies. My only negative on this book is I bought it first from iBooks and it was awesome, but the pictures and text on digital version do not do this book justice.

This is a reference book that you will use over and over again until it is dogeared and marked up.

Also, this book doesn’t just fix pain caused from running. It gives solutions for everyday pains that keep you from running at your best. I use something from this book daily.

Do yourself a favor and just buy the book. I can’t describe how good it is.

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