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Updated: Feb 17, 2020


Why spend more than you have to?

Most companies I work with are taking one of two marketing approaches.

They are either not really doing anything for marketing. Maybe a couple little "sponsorships" here or there and half a web site.


They are doing too many different things. Like a radio commercial here, and ad in this newspaper, an ad in this magazine, this tradeshow and then we send this postcard out occasionally and our web site and every 2 months we post something on Facebook.

How do you know your return on investment if your doing 10 little things occasionally. Who is hearing what and what jobs are coming in from what promotion. Or worse you aren't investing anything so you are only doing the work that happens to come in the door?

Don't get me wrong...word of mouth is definitely the best advertising and most small businesses would not survive without it. But, word of mouth is definitely not reliable either. Often you have one customer that tells 10 about your work and 10 that don't tell anyone.

What do we recommend?

At 4t we highly recommend reviewing your sales process, interview some customers, identify your sales channels and processes and determine where your customers are coming from. Then create targeted campaigns at customers that fit the same demographic.

Are all your customers 40-60 year old business owners?

Are a large portion of your customers single women with incomes over $50,000?

Do 80% of your customers hunt and fish?

Find where your customers are coming from. Find what they relate to.

Then...get your product or service in front of them.


I think it Zig Zigler said most customers say no 8 times before they say yes. And I know you want your product or service your target market thinks of first when it's time to buy. So make sure you are consistent in your message and who you are trying to reach.

Maybe you sell Lamborghini's and every millionaire in your neighborhood has already put one in his 6 car garage. Then it's time to find expand your market. Can you rent them to wanna be internet promoters for their Instagram photo shoots? I guarantee you there is a way to expand your market too.

4t Creative is here to help you develop your strategic marketing plan. Contact us to find out more about our consulting services.


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