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Start a Fire

I love analogies.

I was looking for a fun shirt idea and found a campfire image I liked. It reminded me how marketing strategies can be related to starting a fire. Often when we talk about fires in the business world it's about putting them out. When launching a new business or product we need a spark to get us going.

Overall you are creating a spark with your customers, growing this into a desire, or fire, to learn more about you.

First, you need to gather your wood and kindling. This is your planning stage. What is promoted and what elements are required to get your message out. Additionally, who is this message suppose to reach.

Second, let's start building the fire. A little kindling at the base, maybe some paper or fuel, a few smaller sticks. This is pulling the elements of your marketing plan together and prepare for launch. Creating imagery and getting posts and ads scheduled.

Third, light the match. We have ignition. This is when we launch your marketing campaign. We need to keep a close eye on the results. Does this fire flare up? Do we have a slow burn? Do we need a few more matches?

Four, we have a fire, technically, but we need to add some wood to this thing or it's going to die. Just as we need to keep adding pieces to our marketing campaign or you will be forgotten. Also, we need to add good wood to the fire.

Sometimes you get that one soggy chunk of wood that just won't burn. If you have a good fire going you can overcome a mistake like that. If your fire was just getting started its going to take some more kindling to get over it.

Fifth, we need to keep the fire going. This is adding great service and response to your new and existing customers. Backing up your brand and marketing with your service or product.

If you are looking for the right fuel to get your fire started contact 4t Creative today!


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