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Ryan Tungseth of 4t Creative Achieves Certified Exit Planner Advisor (CEPA) Certification

[Fergus Falls, MN,12/1/2023] – Ryan Tungseth, the founder of 4t Creative, has added another feather to his cap by earning the prestigious Certified Exit Planner Advisor (CEPA) certification. This accomplishment further solidifies Tungseth's commitment to providing unparalleled expertise and strategic guidance to businesses, reinforcing his position as a leader in the field of business growth and planning.

The CEPA designation, granted by the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), is a testament to Tungseth's dedication to mastering the complexities of helping business owners plan and execute successful exits. With this certification, Tungseth joins an elite group of professionals recognized for their expertise in exit planning strategies, succession planning, and maximizing business value.

Ryan Tungseth has long been known for his multifaceted approach to business development, combining his extensive background in advertising and marketing with a wealth of entrepreneurial experience. The CEPA certification adds a new dimension to his skill set, allowing him to guide businesses not only in their growth phases but also in navigating the critical process of exit planning.

The Certified Exit Planner Advisor designation requires rigorous training and a comprehensive understanding of the nuances involved in helping businesses plan for ownership transitions. Tungseth's successful completion of this program reflects his commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and providing clients with the highest level of strategic insight.

As the founder of 4t Creative, a company dedicated to helping businesses grow through strategic marketing and planning, Tungseth is well-positioned to integrate his CEPA certification into the suite of services offered by the firm. Whether business owners are looking to scale their enterprises or strategically plan their exits, Tungseth and his team at 4t Creative are equipped to provide expert guidance every step of the way.

"Receiving the CEPA certification is a significant milestone in my career, and I am excited to bring this enhanced expertise to our clients at 4t Creative," said Ryan Tungseth. "Exit planning is a critical aspect of business strategy, and our goal is to empower business owners to make informed decisions that will shape the future success of their enterprises."

This achievement reinforces 4t Creative's commitment to providing holistic and forward-thinking solutions for businesses at every stage of their life cycle. Ryan Tungseth's CEPA certification positions 4t Creative as a leading resource for businesses seeking comprehensive and strategic advice, further solidifying the company's reputation as a catalyst for business success.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Ryan Tungseth

Director of Business Development


About 4t Creative:

4t Creative is a forward-thinking consulting firm founded by Ryan Tungseth, specializing in strategic marketing and planning for small businesses. With a passion for entrepreneurship and ownership, 4t Creative is dedicated to helping businesses unlock their full potential and navigate the complexities of growth and exit planning.


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