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Marketing Series | Part 8 | Marketing Budget

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

This is the 8th part in a 9 part series on building your marketing plan.

With a defined Marketing Plan, you can now develop your budget. Hopefully you have some money set aside in your general budget for marketing. If you haven't, a good rule of thumb to start with is 1-5% of revenue depending on your industry.

Now we can pick items off our marketing plan. Some items might be time or season dependent, others will be more flexible. Some items in your plan should be "free." Remember, if your marketing is working, it is going to pay for itself. If its not working, make adjustments.

If you are using direct marketing you will know very quickly if your marketing is paying off and you can be nimble and make quick adjustments.

If you are using indirect marketing you will not have direct ROI information, so you will have to pay attention to other performance indicators, such as more calls, more direct sales, more name recognition, etc.

4t Creative is here to help you develop your strategic marketing plan. Contact us to find out more about our consulting services.


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