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Living in Fear?

This year has been an interesting year to say the least. For me, at the start of the year there were some financial challenges. Those thankfully sorted themselves out and then we headed into the pandemic we are facing now and the economic challenges the pandemic has caused.

I normally have a pretty upbeat personality and look at the brighter side of things. I have noticed especially recently, I haven't had the same outlook. Even with some great things happening I find myself defaulting to doom and gloom.

So I am writing this as my declaration that I am not going to live the rest of this year in fear.

This isn't to say I will ignore the bad things in life. I accept those as challenges to be overcome. I am moving forward with the outlook of change.

We are here to be better than we were yesterday.

The 3 things I am going to be intentional about changing are:

Business - In my business I am going to focus on ways to grow and pivot and open new markets not on ways to cut. This doesn't mean I will spend in extremes, but when faced with downturns my first reaction will be to open new channels of revenue.

Personally - I am committing to my morning and training routines. It has been easy working at home to go to bed whenever, wake up whenever, take care of work whenever, go for a run whenever. No longer. I will follow the routines I have established and follow my training plan I established whether the race I am training for happens or not.

Family - I will commit to a sabbath. Not just in the religious way, but a true break from daily routine. Being intentional about spending time with my wife and kids that doesn't include any form of work. Also, daily setting an end time for work each day.


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