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Marketing & Branding

Marketing. Branding. Advertising. We are all familiar with these terms, but how can these be meaningful elements to YOUR business? Why are they important? 


A memorable brand is delivered through well-planned marketing.


Marketing is actually defined by the American Marketing Association as, “The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”


Are your customers more likely to find you online, through word of mouth, or driving past your retail store? We will help you to understand the makeup of your customers and how to quickly reach them through methods that make the most sense for your unique business. 


Once your branding and marketing strategies are solidified, your advertising efforts will generate greater returns.


“Wait a minute! I don’t need marketing, I get all my business through word-of-mouth.” While this is generally accepted as the most powerful form of marketing, how do you get more of it? As with any process, if you have a plan, a system to follow that is tailored to you, the goals and results become more clear. 


We offer a complete series on how to set up your marketing plan on our blog.


How can 4T help you through the process? Contact us today for a free consultation! 

We offer a whole series on how to set up your marketing plan on our blog.

Or contact us for a free consultation on how we can help you through the process. 


What do people think of when they hear your name or see your logo? 

Your branding strategy shapes how the rest of the world perceives your business and products. The branding process is all about what makes YOU unique to your customers. This revolves around the personality, the soul, the heartbeat of your business. When done correctly, this is a thrilling process, and frankly, we LOVE guiding our clients through it. 

We can help identify and understand what your personal brand is and how to make it explosive through logos, brand standards, color schemes and advertising.

Direct Marketing

You may be succeeding at maintaining your customer base, but how proficient are you at GROWING your customer base? Targeted, direct marketing can go a long way. When engaging in direct marketing, you are looking at specific measurable results. If you can't measure the results, it is either not direct marketing or your plan isn't ready yet. 

With direct marketing, you are looking for a specific return on investment. 


A SIMPLE EXAMPLE: A client spends $500 on Google Ads for one month that will result in 400 click-throughs, which in turn yields 20 purchases from your website for $50 each. Your return on this example is $1000, which we would want to produce month after month. 

Brand Marketing

You have your brand in place… but now what? How do you create a brand that endures in the marketplace? 

Building confidence and acceptance are two components to a lasting brand. Unlike direct marketing, these are not easily measurable and require time and patience–just like any valuable relationship. Overnight sensations in the business world are largely a myth. And while you may never be a giant like Xerox or Kleenex or Google, you can still position yourself for customers to think of you when they think of what you do. 

Neither direct marketing nor brand marketing are exclusive of each other.

The team at 4t Consulting gives you the tools to utilize each in a way that they work harmoniously.

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