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Not meeting your business goals?
Don't even have goals?
What's your plan?

We are here to help. 

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4t Creative is a strategic consulting firm specializing in helping businesses grow. Our focus is on business development. Through our 4 main services, we are here to help you and your business wherever you are on the path to growth. We are problem solvers with the skills and background to help in a variety of industries. 


Creating strategic growth is hard to do on your own. Even we go outside our business when it is time to renew and refresh. Bringing a structure and strategy to your business gives you a plan and the freedom to go execute it.  


Do you know there's more out there, but not quite sure how to reach it? We can help you develop new markets, expand existing markets and build loyalty and repeat business from your current base. 


 If you have the greatest product in the world, but no one knows it exists, how would you sell it? From market research to marketing plans, identity development and more. We are here to help you develop your brand and let people know who you are. 

Know when, where, and why you are spending those marketing dollars. 

Be strategic. 

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Most business owners start their business looking for the freedom to do their own thing. As their business grows they struggle to keep up with all the tasks required.


Its hard to separate yourself from your business to get a high level view. Many times an outside viewpoint can provide breakthroughs to take your business to the next level.

Through strategy sessions, coaching and/or business planning. We bring structure and systems to your business.  

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Failing to plan is planning to fail, according to Benjamin Franklin. 

We agree, but as busy entrepreneurs and business owners we understand you can't plan for every minute and eventuality. Often we can't force ourselves to plan. 

We are here to help. Need to block time for planning, we can help with an agenda or directed planning time. 

Grand opening, product launch, special meetings. We have the contacts to make it happen. 


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Image is everything? Not quite, but it is the first impression. You need to look good, and back it up.


We are experts in brand development and have the partners to make you look spiffy too. 

We love our cameras. From product shots to headshots, backgrounds, video, or social media imagery, we have the equipment and know how to make things beautiful.


Additionally, our sister company Sign Guys can produce any piece of artwork you would ever need with the professional design service to make sure you look your best. 



Erik K.

Ryan and his team are knowledgeable and organized and know how to get things done.  Their services have given me time to work on my business and not just for my business.

Ruby T.

Ryan is a great guy to work with. He always has an idea everytime I ask him to do something for my business.

Mike B.

We appreciate the help we receive with our social media campaigns. We trust 4t Creative to steer us in the right direction and we see a boost in sales every time we run a campaign.  



We have over thirty years of business development experience for sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies. Our goal is to help you find the most cost-effective solutions for refining, developing and generating business.​


Ryan Tungseth | Director of Business Development | Entrepreneur | Strategic Consultant

With over 25 years of diverse experience spanning entrepreneurship, art direction, interactive leadership, golf management, and retail, I bring a unique and seasoned perspective to the realm of business solutions.

As the Director of Business Development at 4t Creative, I not only recommend but practice the strategies I advocate. I am an owner of multiple businesses, allowing me to intimately understand the challenges faced by small business owners. This hands-on experience serves as the bedrock for the advice and solutions I provide.

In my role as an investor and consultant, I've encountered a myriad of business and personal challenges, gaining valuable insights into effective solutions. My expertise lies in creative problem-solving and distilling lessons from past mistakes. This ability positions me as a strategic partner for businesses seeking innovative solutions and sustainable growth.

Let's connect and explore how my wealth of experience and strategic acumen can contribute to your business objectives.

We are excited to work with you!



118 South Vine Street

Fergus Falls, MN 56537

Tel: 218-739-7040

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